Note on disposal and return

Packaging waste

In Germany, packaging waste is mainly disposed of via the dual systems. The "yellow sack" or the "yellow bin", glass containers and collection containers for waste paper are available for this purpose. You can find more information at; an initiative of the dual systems. We are happy to assume responsibility for packaging that is not the responsibility of the dual systems. Talk to us about this.

We are duly entered in the public manufacturer register LUCID under DE 3183595029325.

Eelectrical equipment waste

Waste electrical equipment must be collected separately and sent for recycling. You can find more information at Old electrical devices therefore do not belong in the residual waste/household waste, but must be sent to separate collection. This ensures the recycling of old electronic devices. It is precisely for this reason that the electrical and electronic devices are also marked with the crossed-out garbage can: We would be happy to support you in organizing the return. We are cooperating with a service provider who, if necessary, will dispose of your old electrical equipment accordingly. Please also note that before disposing of old devices, you delete personal data on the old devices to be disposed of.

We are duly entered in the public manufacturer register of the EAR under WEEE reg. no. DE 28968465